May 18, 2009


Well the blog posts have been lacking lately I know, its been a busy week and a half with graduation (more on that later this week) and camping out with a few friends. I'm also working on a story for High Country Magazine's June issue. I spent the afternoon paddling across part of Watauga Lake in my kayak. Watauga Lake is man-made, constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1940's. The Watauga Dam generates hydropower, using water from the Watauga and Elk rivers. With all of the recent rainfall, the lake is at its highest level since 2006. It is rather humbling to be floating around in a 5 ft river kayak on a 6,430 acre, 265 ft deep lake.


Doc Curtis said...

With all the rain and high water my yellow kayak floated away from my Watauga Lake dock... so let me know if you run into it!

Flying Rooster said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that, I'll keep my eyes peeled.