May 21, 2009

Lost Cove Waterfalls

LinkThese are from the same day as above out at the Lost Cove area of Pisgah National Forest. The top photo is an unnamed waterfall off of FS road 981. This was still early in the morning and standing in the brisk water trying to get my shotty little tripod to stay standing was a bit painful, but worthwhile. In the middle is Huntfish Falls. To get to Huntfish Falls take the 0.7 mile downhill trail 263 from FS road 464. This area is fairly crowded, especially on the weekends with campers and day-hikers, understandably so. The last shot is of a creek that flows down into the Huntfish Falls waterhole. I didn't really take any shots at North Harper Falls because we didn't go all the way to the bottom this time. Hopefully I'll be back that way soon, but earlier next time...

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