March 29, 2009


This batch of photos I've been meaning to put online for a long time just haven't been able to get to it until now. All of these were shot in one morning walking around Chinatown in NYC. It was a blustery December day in NYC, with the highs staying in the low 20's. Being in Chinatown is a whole different world. Chinatown is one of the few places in America where a homogeneous culture still exists. To see more photos of this set, please visit the flickr page here.

March 26, 2009

Scenic Route

After shooting a story for the newspaper (covering a seminar about how to market and distribute local food more effectively) I decided to take the scenic route home. I stumbled upon this wall of license plates not too far up the road at a house that looked to be communal living space. It was a bit strange, as the fence surrounded the entire side of the property visible from the road. Next I saw this amazing covered bridge that was built in the year 2000. As I finally arrived home the clouds had just begun to lift off the mountains, so I climbed up on the roof and took the last shot.

March 25, 2009


A few portraits of Jonathan Tate on a black backdrop. Tate is a strong advocate of anti-pluto.

Striiiiikkeee 3!

Appalachian State University's baseball team snapped a 6 game losing streak Sunday to defeat Georgia Southern 3-1. The Mountaineers (7-14) were led by six innings of no-run pitching by Josh Dowdy. The next home game will be played April 1st at 5 p.m.

Stanley's big wheels

Upon relentless request, whining, and a seemingly endless flow of tears, I am posting a few more photos up for Stan of his bike. Soon he will get his big boy license and be able to exceed 35mph. Kindly note the girlish figure.

March 22, 2009

Adventure Rider

Although it was a little brisk out on Friday, the sky was still rather nice and clear. My friend Stan and I headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway to take some photos of Stan's motorcycle. The bike is a 2007 Honda Shadow. Stan is a member of the Adventure Rider forum, a forum for motorcycle enthusiasts (or more realistically, addicts). For a decent tutorial on how to practice the photography technique of panning, such as the effect in the first photo, click here. Link

March 20, 2009

Just Like Downtown

I headed downtown today after work to stop by the one and only Boone Bagelry to pick up a bagelicious for lunch. On the way I saw the guys at the top from Blue Ridge Electric working on the power lines and stood around and watched for a few minutes. As I continued downtown I got stuck at the intersection just before the bagelry, and that's where I was greeted by the lovely lady in the third photo...

March 19, 2009

Jess' Tattoos

My roommate Jessica so graciously volunteered herself as a model yesterday evening for some tattoo photos. Tattooing has been in practice since neolithic times. The tattoo at the top is of Kokopelli, a fertility deity. He also represents the spirit of music. The middle tattoo is of the Clown of God from the Tomie dePaola children's book, " Clown of God." The flower tattoos in both the foreground and background of the bottom photo are of Calla Lilies, which actually isn't a lily at all. To read more about Calla Lilies click here.

March 18, 2009

North Wilkesboro Speedway

I recently went and visited the abandoned North Wilkesboro Speedway. The speedway opened in 1947 as a dirt track with the racing Flock Brothers dominating the track. In 1949 the first ever NASCAR champion, Robert "Red" Byron was crowned at the track. Races were held at the track for over 50 years until its closure September 29, 1996. The track remains closed with one remaining caretaker, Paul Call still on the premises. More photos are up on our flickr page.

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March 16, 2009


This past weekend Adam and I headed out to Raleigh Durham International airport to see if we could catch any planes coming in and out at night. Although it was late at night we were rather surprised to see no planes landing or taking off. Maybe it was the fog but I thought the airport never stopped. Anyhow it was still neat to see the shear size of the freight planes at the hangars.

March 15, 2009


For spring break this year I had to finish my scuba diving class in Florida. We did two dives in the Crystal River and two in the Rainbow Spring. I decided to take a few extra days to explore a little more of the state. The first night of camping I returned from canoeing to find the cooler lid off and all of the food gone! The raccoons had opened the cooler and stolen all of the food inside. At least they left us the beer. Florida is a different world. More photos are up on our Flickr Page.

March 02, 2009

Snow Day

Ah nothing like having a day off from classes and getting to go out and shoot in the snow. We had a foot of snow in Boone with even higher totals on the mountaintops. A far shot from the 1-3 inches predicted, but I'm certainly not complaining. Time for some hot chocolate...

March 01, 2009

SoCon Tournament

The Appalachian State Mountaineers mens basketball team(12-17, 9-11) will head to the SoCon tournament this coming weekend (March 6th-9th) as the fourth seed of the North. Good luck Mountaineers!