March 18, 2009

North Wilkesboro Speedway

I recently went and visited the abandoned North Wilkesboro Speedway. The speedway opened in 1947 as a dirt track with the racing Flock Brothers dominating the track. In 1949 the first ever NASCAR champion, Robert "Red" Byron was crowned at the track. Races were held at the track for over 50 years until its closure September 29, 1996. The track remains closed with one remaining caretaker, Paul Call still on the premises. More photos are up on our flickr page.

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RidgeRUNNER said... has the most pics of the speedway i have seen on the net

swilson2000 said...

there are over 800 images from the early dirt track all the way through the winston years and modern day images

Paul said...

This brand new book features the circuit.

Speedway – Auto racing’s ghost tracks By SS Collins and Gavin D Ireland.

Its an atmospheric journey through auto racing's ghost tracks looking at them in their heyday ... and as they are today

Circuits covered:
North Wilkesboro, NC, USA
Augusta International, GA, USA
Middle Georgia, GA, USA
Monza, Italy
Brooklands, England
Linas-Montlhery, France
AVUS, Germany
Chicago Motor Speedway, USA

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