September 28, 2009

Meeting Doc Watson

David Holt, Doc and Richard Watson-25

It's not often that I find myself at a loss for words, but you can bet I was a nervous wreck prior to the Doc Watson photoshoot. After collaborating with David Holt, we were all set to have a 10 minute window to photograph Doc with David and his grandson Richard. The photos with the colorful organic backdrop were done on the stage that Doc performed on.

Sitting backstage before the show, collaborating with my friend Cameron, I see David Holt poke his head out from behind the stage and call out "Adam, come back and sit with us".

Sitting backstage with Doc Watson is something I will never forget. Doc has a way of speaking to you that you can't help but become engrossed in the conversation. The photos with the wooden backdrop are from the backstage session.

The actual show itself was as amazing as always. The pictures speak for themselves.
A big FlyingRooster thanks to David Holt for setting up the photoshoot and Cameron for helping me with equipment.

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