August 08, 2009

High Country Magazine Cover Photo by FR

For about a month or so I worked with the staff of High Country Press on a story about the incredible volunteer firefighters that serve our neighborhoods. I couldn't have been more overjoyed when the editor informed me he was using one of the photos (above) for the cover of the August magazine! To check out the magazine, visit the High Country Press website. Let us know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys Im a firefighter for Glendale Springs Fire Department! I fought the fire you see on the cover of High Country Magazine! I remember seeing one of you guys there that day taking shots of all of us fighting the fire and I know you have a ton of pics from that fire that were not posted in the magazine article and I would love to see them sometime!... Is there any way that would be possible? Could you post them somewhere we can view them? Please E-Mail me back